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FAQs about Hospice and Home Health Services

Q. How long has Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice been in business?
A. Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice is proud to be celebrating 18 years providing home health and hospice services to Austin and the surrounding areas.

Q. What makes Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice different from other companies?
A. We are privately owned and operated by medical professionals. This enables us to address concerns quickly and comprehensively. Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice is dedicated to excellent individualized quality care. Our goal is to keep families together at home with dignity and to foster independence.

Q. If I am in the hospital and need home health services, what should I do?
A. Ask the discharge planner or the social worker to call Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice. We will take care of the rest! Robinson Creek will provide skilled nursing, home health aide or therapy services depending on your individual needs. A registered nurse will provide a total assessment and develop a plan for all the home care services the patient will need.

Q. Can someone help with my bath and dressing and some other house hold tasks?
A. Yes. Under the supervision of a registered nurse or registered therapist, certified home health aides can assist with baths, oral hygiene care, nail and skin care, and other personal hygiene needs.

Q. My mother has been hospitalized for a long time and wants to come home. Can you help?
A. Yes. Many things administered in the hospital can be handled by a professional nurse comfortably in the home. This includes IV fluid replacement, pain management, catheterizations and feeding tubes. Staff is trained in all aspects of wound care and wound care devices.

Q. How often will you come see me?
A. At the time of admission to Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice, an RN will assess your condition and individual needs and develop a plan of treatment to meet your individual needs. The RN will discuss the frequency of visits and other concerns you have at that time.

Q. What if I have a problem at night?
A. A nurse is on call 24 hours a day to answer questions you may have or assist you in an emergency situation.

Q. How do you select your staff? Do you screen your staff?
A. Yes. All the staff at Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice is carefully selected and screened. The staff is interviewed, tested and have met the requirements of the State of Texas Department of Aging and Disability (DADS) and Medicare to work in the field of home health and hospice.

All the staff has successfully completed a thorough reference check and criminal background check prior to hire. All staff are bonded and insured.

Professional licenses are verified with the issuing licensing board and certificates of all aides are verified with Nurse Aide Registry.

Q. Does Robinson Creek accept Medicare?
Yes.  Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice accepts assignment of Medicare benefits.

Q. Should I wait for my doctor to mention hospice care?

A.  Family, friends and patients should feel free to discuss hospice care with any healthcare professional.

Q. When should someone enter a hospice program?
A. When the patient with a terminal illness, and his family members are fully informed of the hospice benefit, and the physician has made such recommendation, based on the Medicare guidelines.

Q. What does the Medicare hospice program admission involve?
A. A physician referral and patient’s consent along with appropriate admission forms.

Q. Will special equipment be needed?
A. Robinson Creek Hospice will assess the patient’s needs and will make arrangements for the delivery of necessary medical equipment.

Q. Must the patient have a caregiver with them at all times?
A. Yes, most hospices recommend that someone to be present based upon the needs of patient.

Q. What services are provided by the Medicare hospice program?
A. Physicians, registered nurses, social workers, bereavement counselors, home health aides  and clergy  all work together to provide hospice care.

Q. Will Medicare cover hospice services?
A. Medicare covers services, medical supplies and palliative medications and pharmaceuticals related to the patient’s hospice diagnosis.

Q. Why is Robinson Creek Home Health and Hospice the best choice?

  • Our patients are our number one concern.
  • Rapid response-time for admissions.
  • Our patients benefit from a locally owned and operated company.
  • We are the only award winning home health and hospice agency in Austin, Texas
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